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Does Satoshi’s Libertarian Statements from the Past Matter Anymore?

Bitcoin is a revolutionary experiment that may disrupt the world’s financial markets and society’s norms in more ways than one. Everyone has their own ideas of how they envision bitcoin being used ranging from a libertarian-style abolitionist standpoint to a statist who believes governments sh...

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Gold and Bitcoin Form Symbiotic Relationship

“I had to change my thought process to understand that bitcoin is no enemy of gold and silver,” says monetary expert Andy Hoffman, who writes for the precious metals website Miles Franklin. “When bitcoin hit price parity with gold in 2013, I was angry. I knew nothing about it. I assumed it was like ...

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Why Bitcoin Is Close to a Record-Breaking 3 Exahashes Of Processing Power

The bitcoin hash rate currently nears 3 exahashes, representing an all-time high for the processing power of the Bitcoin network. The escalating hash rate concurs with continuing social media reports that Beijing-based Bitmain Technologies Limited, a company which supplies bitcoin mining equipment, ...

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How to Maximize Bitcoin’s Value in a Digital Inheritance

When bitcoins are passed to an heir in an estate, they are subject to a different tax rule than usual. The cost basis is no longer the purchase price of the bitcoins, which can lead to an heir paying less or more capital gains tax depending on whether the bitcoins had appreciated or depreciated. A ...

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Russia’s Relationship with Bitcoin May See Brighter Days Ahead

The state of bitcoin’s legality in Russian has been shaky over the past couple of years. Reports of bitcoin bans, jail sentences for holding cryptocurrencies, and other regulatory policy headlines have spread like wildfire. Throughout many of these stories Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister, Alexey Mo...

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Things Bitcoin Companies Try To Patent

Amazon. AT&T. Bank of America. Goldman Sachs. IBM. JPMorgan. Mastercard. R3. Western Union. Verizon. These are just a few of the corporations which have filed blockchain-related patent applications worldwide. But, what about bitcoin-specific patent applications, not blockchain? Also Read: IP Tro...

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Nigerian SEC Associates Shady MLM Schemes Like Onecoin With Bitcoin

This past week the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Nigeria has warned its residents about virtual currency investments. The agency’s warning has bundled bitcoin investment with two Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) operations well known for deceptive activities. Also read: Buyer Beware! The De...

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Deploy Servers Anonymously with Bitcoin from the Command Line

Developers often build and test their applications in temporary server environments called cloud or virtual servers, from infrastructure providers such as Amazon, Digital Ocean, and the bitcoin-accepting Vultr. A new service has been launched to help developers deploy servers instantly, anonymously,...

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Creating Altcoins is Easy, Maintaining One is Not

Love them or hate them, there’s a lot of altcoins in the crypto-economy. In fact, in 2017 there are roughly more than 700 different kinds of cryptocurrency. All of them claim to offer something unique. However, many people believe there is nothing innovative about these altcoins due to how easy it i...

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Europe Committed to Tightening Digital Currency Rules by End of 2017

The European Parliament has recently released a report entitled ‘The Juncker Commission’s ten priorities: State of play at the start of 2017.’ It includes digital currencies for the first time as part of the Commission’s anti-money laundering efforts, which is a priority the ...

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