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The Bitcoin World website was translated into Polish

The horizon of the Bitcoin World popularity among investors and miners around the world is continuously increasing. The company's specialists are doing their best to help customers' work with website as smooth as possible. Company attracts best linguists and translators for adding new languages in the language bar. So, right now Polish native speakers will feel more convenient to work with the Bitcoin World website.
Bitcoin World is tens of thousands of miners and tenants around the world, including Poland. The majority of our partners are focused in Europe, so initially the site had 7 languages: English, Swedish, French, Vietnamese, Spanish, Chinese and Russian, and now Polish.
Many of our clients are fluent in the national language only, so Bitcoin World will regularly add new languages.

Proper information flow requires perfect knowledge of the language it's written on. We are erasing language boundaries to unite all clients!
Sincerely, the Bitcoin World.

Bitcoin World website is translated into national language of India – Hindi

The website of Bitcoin World have become more accessible to our colleagues from India. All sections, including news columns, information, profiles and tools for partnership work has been translated into Hindi. Bitcoin World is working to ensure that customers and users can productively and comfortab...

13.01.2017, 17:57Read more
The finalized program for private mining

The company's specialists have modified the application for private mining. Now every client of the Bitcoin World will be able to mine cryptocurrency on their equipment for free. The program automatically determines the capacity of the equipment. Right after start, you need to pass the test whi...

11.01.2017, 21:16Read more
Bitcoin World website added Arabic, Korean and Portuguese languages

Bitcoin World website became more accessible for our colleagues from Asia, Portugal and Korea. All website sections, including news column, general information, user area, and tools for partnership work were translated into Arabic, Korean and Portuguese. Bitcoin World is working to ensure that custo...

05.01.2017, 14:58Read more