About us

Bitcoin World Company is a close-knit team of professionals, experts in their field.
We are working with crypto-currency for many years now and know how to extract and sell it the most effective way, so we offer our tenants real beneficial and profitable conditions.

Company Management
CEO Remigijus MikalauskasDirector-General

The Company's founder is one of its best experts. Starting with mining on the video-cards, he managed to attract investors and create a personal mining farm. In February 2016 he concluded a lease agreement of the data center in Sweden with the hire-purchase right, as well as with a sales contract. In August 2016 with the official registration of the Company he assumed the position of CEO.

CFO Oliver BlareChief Financial Officer

The Company leading specialist in the area of finance, responsible for the operation of financial managers and analysts of the department, determines the financial policy, the risks, the company's stability. One of the co-founders. In August 2016 he took the position of CFO. The head of the finance department and division, whose work is aimed at optimizing costs.

CTO Kert HallikChief Technical Officer

Responsible for production technology. The head of the technical department and directs the "heart of the company" - its servers. Specificity of activity: maintenance of new equipment and developments, as well as increasing the mining productivity in conditions of high network complexity. He graduated from one of the oldest universities in the UK, King's College of London, University of London.

CIO Emma DeanChief Information Officer

The best company specialist in the field of information technology, graduated from the City, University of London. She is the one who manages the process of definition and implementation of company development strategy in technological field. Reports to the Director General. Heads and analyzes the operation of the entire IT-department, responsible for business informational support and operation of the whole informational part.

COO Valter BergExecutive Director

One of the most skilled managers, thanks to his boundless energy and the ability to work with people The Bitcoin World Company owes him its success and steady progress. He graduated from one of the most prestigious universities, the King's College of London, University of London. His responsibilities include planning, development of strategies, rational organization of economic activities and other functions.

CCO Mason NashDirector of the negotiation and enforcement procedures

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). The professional of the Year, according to the rating of Bitcoin World Company. Took up his position in August 2016. He has a master's degree in management and economics. He graduated from the famous all over the world University of Oxford. Responsible for marketing, sales, development of business strategy, customer service, budgeting and price niche.

CSO Karl ÖstlundChief Security Officer

Took up this post in August 2016. Head of Security Department, including informational security, organizes the physical protection of objects of the Company as well as its information and economic security. He has a master's degree in law and a bachelor's degree in information technology. Responsible for the technical and informational security of Bitcoin World.

СМО William SheldonChief Marketing Officer

Leading specialist, one of the owners and founders of the Company. In charge of the marketing department, defining the company's strategy, taking the most important decisions the profit and success of Bitcoin World directly depends on. He graduated from the University of Sheffield, has a master's degree in economics and management.

CDO Owen VanceDirector of Data Management

Specialist of data collection, storage and transmission. Took up his position in August 2016. He has a master's degree in information technology. Bears reform and change responsibilities, methods of collecting information, managing the concerned projects, the organization of monitoring, submitting proposals for the Department of analysts and more.

CAO Sara NybergDirector of the Analytical Department

A leading analyst, the brain of the Company. The specialist who knows all the moves in advance, leading "pros" and "cons" scoring. Took up his position in 2016, but long time before the official registration of the company was one of the key figures that had great influence in the development and growth of Bitcoin World. Co-owner. She graduated from the University of Sheffield. Responsible for the competitiveness and sustainability of the Company.