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Renting Servers in Sweden - is a powerful new equipment in one of the largest data centers in Sweden that works for you, the cooperation with the official British company, which guarantees the legal and economic protection to their customers, as well as the ability to choose the speed and capacity of the equipment, as well as calculating the results. The wave of cryptographic algorithms, and "golden" Bitcoins – is your profit in US dollars Today!

Our servers

Bitcoin World Servers

Maximal server power per 1 client up to 3125000Gh/s

1 Bitcoin = 851.11 USD17.01.2017 04:48
100 Gh/s = 16 USD16.00 USD = 0.01879904 Bitcoin

Profit Calculation

Step 1: Select server
Cost of renting:
Term of renting:
Profit per month / Accruals:
Step 2: purchase hashNumber of purchased hash:
8125 Gh/s
Cost of 1 Gh/s is:
0.1600 USD
You get:
62.5  Gh/s
Profit per month will be:
Payment amount in USD:

About us

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Bitcoin World is a British company engaged in mining cryptocurrency. Officially registered in the UK in August 2016 Bitcoin World, however, has the earliest history of the creation and formation (in detail in the section of History).
Since February 2016 the company is professionally and successfully engaged in mining cryptocurrency with the most powerful and modern equipment in the Swedish data center, with an average capacity of more than 32 PH / s. Recently Bitcoin World deals not only with e-gold mining for themselves, but also rents various capacities servers, as well as provides an opportunity to mine on-premise without investing. Customers can choose the power and speed of the leased server, calculate its profitability, payback period of rent, size and net profit. Bitcoin World provides services for mining Bitcoins and forks on different algorithms: SHA256, X11, Dagger-Hashimoto, Scrypt Mining.

The company is steadily increasing its own cryptocurrency base since February 2016, is gaining momentum, modernizing production facilities.
In the world of cloud and software of mining at the moment there is hardly a better offer for earning. And it's not just the fact that Bitcoin World - has the lowest rents, own program for mining, decent interest, a reasonable timeframe, etc. The matter is the stability and reliability that we demonstrate, we are proud for what we offer to our partners.

Company profile

Bitcoin World company is developing steadily, demonstrating medium high profit growth since its inception. The main purpose - is the power capacity of the data center, the competitiveness and efficiency of mining. Achievements of Bitcoin World
• Increased income from March to September by 12%.
• Purchase of a new powerful equipment.
• Reduced energy costs and cooling systems work up to 23% thanks to the use of natural resources and the transition to natural cooling.
• Conclusion of energetically favorable contracts.
• Creation of own software for mining. Our free program - is an opportunity for everyone to earn Bitcoins on personal PC. Tip: Our program works for you even while you are not home. Before leaving, do not unplug it, and the power of your PC will bring you extra income.
• High interest rates on rental servers for our tenants.

Bitcoin World is - offers splendid rates on the lease, the lowest quotation for the cost of the servers, as well as interesting and profitable affiliate program.

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